Master Project Manager

Master Project Manager

Project management is the knowledge base in business that endows students with expertise to successfully carry out projects from beginning to end. Project management consists of the various methodologies and tools that assist in the planning, moderation, and execution of a project. The project manager is in charge of gathering, organizing, and directing the resources necessary to provide a project with the most efficient result.

The following description draws upon Anglo-Saxon websites that advertise for up to date jobs, and particularly for the « Project Manager » job.

The project manager would oversee all the stages of project implementation to meet client's business needs. He would be responsible for making sure projects are completed on time and within budget.

Project managers work for any organizations involved in any kind of activities. Projects would vary in size and type, from managing the construction of a hospital to upgrading the phone network in a call center.

The project manager duties would include:
  • finding out what the client wants
  • planning project stages and assessing the business implications for each one
  • putting together and coordinating the work of the project team
  • monitoring progress and making sure costs, timescales and quality standards meet agreed targets
  • adjusting plans to cater for unforeseen circumstances
  • keeping senior managers and clients up to date with progress
  • Signing off and evaluating completed tasks.

The project manager would use various project management methods to put plans into place. As a senior project manager, he would work with management teams shaping project strategy, managing large-scale and high-risk projects, controlling overall costs and managing relationships with project partners and stakeholders.